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Written by Steve Kennaird, UK-based developer and Technical Director interested in .Net and NodeJS backends and all sorts of frontends.

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Having different VM sizes per environment for Azure Cloud Service roles

21 November, 2016

I’m working on a project running on Azure, with the project being deployed as a Cloud Service. In this cloud service is: Two web roles One…

Using Trello for team L&D

26 July, 2015

As a leader, ensuring your team learn and progress is a fundamental part of your role. You don’t really want a bunch of developers building…

Creating Layers CMS

05 July, 2015

It’s a lot easier to lead technical people when you are one yourself, and are the kind of person that likes to think about the things that…

My web development toolbox

05 July, 2015

N.B. Things move fast, so this will become out of date fairly quickly! We do a lot of client-side work at Purple Cubed, all from within…

Dynamic Variables in SASS (SCSS) with ASP.Net

05 November, 2013

The Problem At work we’re in the process of building a new SAAS product which needs to be themed/skinned per customer (where the customer is…

Creating Layers CMS

05 November, 2012

Building an(other) ASP.Net C# CMS A little while ago, I was asked to build a website for a family member who only needed a basic Content…

Getting yourself out of a jam once you’ve built on top of the ASP.Net Empty Project Template

01 November, 2012

With the launch of ASP.Net v4.5 and MVC4/WebAPI etc, the ASP.Net team took the admirable step to making a “single ASP.Net”. The theory being…

Handling database-managed redirects for a website running in IIS7

18 October, 2012

So you’ve got a website that you’ve got hundreds of redirects for. Maybe you’re replacing an old site that had a poor url structure, but don…

Musings on Polyglot Programming

17 October, 2012

Looking from the outside, I’m verging on being a Microsoft fan boy ( * ducks and hides), though I constantly fight the battle to only use…